Our Mission and Values
  • We belive in Technology. We are driven by the same.
  • We are committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity.
  • Since the future of our company depends squarely on the knowledge, imagination, skills, teamwork and integrity of our employees, we value these qualities most highly.
  • We are committed to delivering value to our customers. We must do this through innovation and by consistently improving efficiency.
  • Profit is important to us. It enables us to achieve our mission and to contribute to the society. However, profit is not the only reason we are in business.

Our Methodology

In people we trust

People working with LogicalDNA are our key assets. We keep our resources up to date with trainings, certifications and take good care in grooming them to maintain quality of work in variety of domains. Out Attiration rate is below 5%

We provide our client with flexible engagement and pricing models depending on:

  • The stage of the customer ? start-up or a mature organization.
  • Technology and domain requirements for building the product and custom development.
  • Requirement across various stages of the product development life-cycle.

Our Philosophy : Greater Benifit to Client

Value Analysis vs. Cost Analysis. We believe the service is evaluated by four parameters:

  • Features and Benifits
  • Configurability and Control
  • One time Cost and aintainence Cost
  • Risk

Compared with competition, we maximize “Benefit” component, while keeping the other three at industry standard or better.

Domain Specific Knowledge and Timely Solutions

LogicalDNA holds domain expertise in several verticals, including Fianance, CRM , Campaign Management and Business processes for Manufacturing Unit. Each group possesses deep industry-specific business knowledge, gained through relevant experience in dozens of projects. By effectively utilizing the knowledge of core domain processes, industry standards and key players, LogicalDNA cuts in half the knowledge transfer time which allows us to deliver custom solutions 30% faster than competition.