Managed Services

IT Managed Services

Lets do a little thinking, What makes great companies great. If you are a bank you will provide good financial services, if you are a pharmasuitical company you develope great products that will prove to be life saver.If you are a car maker you will build great cars, But thats obvious, right ?

Not one of these answers were about having a great internal IT team or about running a great IT team

LogicalDNA focuses on delivering great IT services by using resource pool to good effect.
We want our customers to focus on there core strengths and competencies while we manage IT services for them in a cost effective manner and high quality deliverables.

Flexible solutions and business models

LogicalDNA Managed Services offers you the choice and flexibility to allow us to manage specific IT processes, applications, or departments. You decide what option is right for your organization.

We manage many types of services including following

  • Project Management.
  • Application Services.
  • Quality Assurenace.
  • ERP Solutions.
  • Network Services.
  • Data Centers.
  • Help Desk.
  • Field Services.
  • Web Services.
  • Training Services.

What Do Customers Gain by Working with LogicalDNA?

LogicalDNA Advantages
  • Trustworth IT Partner
  • Focus on own Competencies
  • Fast Time to Market
  • Cost Effective Solutions
  • Peace of Mind
Long Term Engagements
  • 24 x 7 Customer support
  • Risk Management
  • Stable Resources
  • Non Technical process overview
  • Well defined Delivery Model