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  • Web 2.0 Development
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  • Tools and Frameworks

Dashboard Development and Business Inteligence Solutions

Logical Dashboards: Business Inteligence at your fingure tips.

Business leaders look at digital dashboards as a quick way to check out all the important numbers in a manner that gives them precise context. It's all about viewing the business landscape up close, in real time, and understanding it completely.

LogicalDashboards gives everyone involved in the dashboard-creation process all the technology they need to quickly create dashboards as standalone business intelligence tools or integrate them into other applications.

  • Select.

    Select Data source from excel, MSSQL, MYSQL, Oracle, MS Access or flat file

  • Design.

    Design dashbord tabs on the fly by using built in templates

  • Publish.

    Publish your dashboard securely over web

  • Dashboard and BI


    We delivered a real time dashboard designer which allows end user to configure its dashboard tabs and bind data tables to them from any data source like MSSQL, MySQL, Excel etc.

  • Survey Engine

    We helped Dan and his team to build a survey engine which would be used for employee analysis and comparision. IDT survey application has key features like email lists and survey dashboards.

  • E-Commerce Solution

    Amazon and EBay integration was Key. Kadooli was our by far best effort in E-Commerce solutions built in from scratch. From electronics and computer related items it had lots of options like discount calculation etc.

  • Outsourcing Partner

    Experience in building enterprise level website was key at RedChilli. We successfully completed a core module which eventually served as a framework for rest of the solutions at RedChilli.

  • LogicalCRM and Embedded Solutions

    Being a manufactring of electronics componenets Sprance uses our "LogicalCRm" extensively for their marketing and sales cycle. We have also delivered various solutions based on ARM processor to Sprance.

  • Survey Engine

    We delivered our first SaaS ready Survey engine to Kyzenn, We are really proud that we could deliver all requirements that Patrick asked us. It included a built in report engine and data analysis tool for survey responses.

  • Testbench Manager

    AB Instrument delivers high class solution and electronics research and development. We developed a unique TestBanch device which integrated with 16 different devices for inputs. We were able to deliver a dashboard solution which was key for Testbench interface.

  • Survey Engine

    Our first multilingual deployment for LogicalSurvey. We were able to support unlimited languages and different databases ( was developed using MySQl) and at the same time we added features like timer based surveys.

  • LogicalCRM

    Being a tradding and manifacturing company MIcroWiz used LogicalCRM as its key tool for sales team. Customized processes for different sales cycles was akey feature of this deployment.

  • Social Network Framework

    With offline gossip, we took plung in developing an extensive social network framework, It allowed multiple threads and realtime message delivery mechanism for developres. Very flexible and extendable.

  • Portal Framework

    An Unique real estae portal framework, designed for creation of Micros Sites for its end users. Completely XML driven and had a cool user inretface for end user as well as administrators.

  • Product Development Partner

    We developed a document control and management system for leading drug manufacturing company, we also helped Q-Cent to deliver a Quality control and Quality assurance system as their core product competancy.