Business Process Management Solutions

Help you stand out in competiotion

Businesses across globe are under increasing pressure from fierce competition, continuously changing business environment and more demanding customers. Business Process Management (BPM) is emerging as the preferred approach to achieving increased corporate agility and process efficiency.

Gap Analysis for Business Processes

Wondering why your million dollar ERP can not do your finance entry and give you a balancesheet the way you want! It’s absolutely essential for any organization to identify lacunas and inefficiencies in their processes. Using million dollar ERPs and solution does not always guarantee you a correct and realistic business process.

Our Change Management experts can help you define processes which will enable maximum utilization of your tools and systems

The Process

Business Process Management

Flexible Solution for Flexible Business Processes

LogicalDNA’s Business Process Management (BPM) solutions allow you to define rule driven, process oriented application. We understand that processes will evolve continuously and these changes can cost costly changes in systems. We develop BPM solutions which are very flexible by means of high level of configuration. This enables organization users o cop up with changes in processes and standards.