Why work with LogicalDNA

What keeps us running

If you think our team runs on an unlimited supply of Red Bull, Costa Rican coffee, Sizzler parties. That's not the case always. Its passion for quality and delivery to client that keeps us running.

Our Strength is people associated with us, We develope products which involves core knowledge of domain and expertise in business process. We have spent years and gathering domain expertise and we are keen to transform that in a good solution, We make sure that knowledge is easily available to all by making it available openly within organization. We enable it by means of SocialDNA, A State of art Knowledge platform developed and maintained inhouse.

We also have a facility which allows our staff to go for various certifications and courses based on their likings and keeping in mind technology requirenments of company Certifications. To Make sure that we have a good back up team and have a good supply of resoures , we started with a training programe inititive Campus Connect We hunt for students and freshers which are just out of the college and put them through out trainning programe, This includes technical as well as behavioural training allowing a fresher to deliver output as a 1 year experience candidate.